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Working From Home/ 15 Mar 2017 / By Hannah Barnes

Work From Home with your Garden Studio

Studies have shown, time and time again, that working from home in a garden studio allows employees to work extra hours without the stress and strain caused by a daily commute to work.

Presenteeism is dead in our fast emerging gig economy, so it no longer pays to chain yourself to the central office morning till night every day of the week, Working from home in a garden studio can increase productivity and the health of employees, as well as allowing you the agency to reclaim your work life and begin enjoying what you do, rather then enduring.

A garden studio by Atelier can be designed and installed as a fully functional garden office. Internet, telephones, electricity and heating can be used to create an office environment and our modern design provides an inspirational space, whatever your role. Garden studios come in different size, shapes and specifications to suit all business needs - with Atelier you can customise your chosen model; be it Vista, Panarama or Horizon, making sure it's the perfect space for all of your office needs.

Garden studios are not just a way to stop that daily commute for larger companies but are ideal for freelance workers, start up businesses and virtual companies, for much the same reason. They offer a designated space to be productive, get your work done and shut the door on the office when personal time is needed.

In time, you could ven extend your studio design, using our modular system, to incorporate new office pods, meeting rooms and other spaces your growing business needs in order to work productivly and efficiently.

Studies show that on average motorists spend 56 minutes a day commuting to and from work, with 58% of those being late for work due to heavy traffic. A motorist spends on average £454 a year on fuel just for their commute. As a result of this 68% of motorists would rather work from home if they were given the option - and as we've shown you above, this isn't the only draw.

Working from home requires extra space and resources and can sometimes interrupt on home life. Having a garden studio designed and installed can keep all your work in one room in the garden meaning your work life and home life are kept separate. By removing this problem, which is often cited by many, you're left only with the positive reasons to fly the office coop, and set yourself up at home. 

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