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Chic Christmas/ 13 Dec 2015 / By Hannah Barnes

Working From Home For The Festive Season

At Atelier Garden Studios we know that when it comes to home working vs the office there are many pros to working from home; you can get your work done with fewer distractions, manage your own time and reclaim some semblance of a work, life balance. You can skip the commute and get straight down to the serious stuff, miss out on a lunch break in favour if an early finish or work right through when the need arises. But, we also know that during the festive season this can all go to pot.

You see, with Christmas just around the corner, your personal to do list just got (a lot) longer and the life part of that fairly balanced routine you’ve been honing suddenly tips things completely off the scale. Whether you work from the comfort of your own customised Atelier garden studio, or have simply claimed the spare room as your home office, there is no escape from the Christmas chaos and, if you’re at home, certainly no place to hide.

So with kids breaking up for the Christmas holidays across the country and shopping fever begins to seriously heat up, we thought we’d put together some tips for staying sane during the festive period and, most importantly, remaining productive whatever Christmas throws at you.

  1. Make Play Dates
    If you’re a parent and you work from home, you’ll often wonder when it was, exactly, that you volunteered as the local on-call baby sitter. You didn’t, but to every other parent at the school gates, it sounded like that’s exactly what you meant when you said ‘I work from home’.

    Now is the time to start calling in those favours; set up play dates for your children with the kids from school and never have to leave your desk to umpire a pillow fight or remove sticky substances from your child’s hair again!


  1. Organise Your Time
    As ever, when working from home, organisation is key. You need to set aside your mounting personal to do list in order to focus effectively on work – and vice versa. The best way to this is my allotting yourself a strict schedule for all aspects of your life. This might seem like a poor attempt at Christmas cheer but unless you want to finishing up your filing on Christmas eve or frantically wrapping gifts on the way to your hosts home, then stick with us. 

    Portion each of your days up during the countdown to Christmas and stick to your schedule. If you clearly a lot time slots to each of your tasks you should be able to get everything done, without sending yourself spiralling too far into insanity.


  1. Have A Little Fun
    Christmas is a time to be merry, after all, so make the most of the festive season whilst you work. Blast some Christmas music to get you in the spirit of things whilst you’re in the office or add some cinnamon spice to your morning coffee. You could even get together with friends and colleagues who work from home to work together and spread a little Christmas motivation.

    Most importantly though, don’t turn down the many party, networking and merry making invitations you’ll receive at this time of year. When you work from home it’s always worth getting out and meeting likeminded business people to keep up with the industry news and keep your contacts fresh. Don’t fall into the trap of pushing the parties to one side because of your work load.

    However you’re spending the festive season this year here at Atelier garden studios we wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy (and productive!) new year!



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