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Working From Home/ 15 Jan 2016 / By Hannah Barnes

Working From Home: The Real Deal

Working from home is becoming more and more popular thanks to the rise in cloud services and our modern ability to work anywhere with a wifi connection.

If you work from home or in a non-traditional sense, you’ll be well used to receiving the look. You know the one - the look that suggests what you really do is sit around all day watching Jeremy Kyle and Friends reruns. You’re probably also already schooled in the futility of trying to convince the giver of the look otherwise.

Hopefully this misconception will soon be thrown out once and for all, as more and more people see the benefits of ditching the office environment in favour of remote or home working - and begin to realise that working from home does, in fact, involve working.

Until then, however, we thought we’d put the record straight by busting a few more of the common, but completely unfounded, myths about working from home.

  1. “But you just pretend to be working, right?”

This myth is strongly connected to ‘the look’. The suggestion being that no one in their right mind would want to get anything done without the supervision of managers or the observant eyes of co-workers.

This theory though is fundamentally flawed – if working from home truly meant duvet days for ever more then we wouldn’t be getting anything done, and if we weren’t getting anything done, we’d lose our jobs – leaving us no choice but to sit around in our PJ’s all day surfing the web and binging on Netflix. Perhaps it’s more of a self-fulfilling prophecy then, than myth to be busted.

  1. “If only we all had it so easy”

Another common misapprehension about working from home is that it is far easier than working in a more traditional office environment. Although this makes more logical sense than the idea that home-workers simply do nothing, it is still highly untrue.

Every job, and every location, will have different specifics here but generally, thanks to the first of our myths, working from home is far harder. Not only must we get all of our regular work done, but also anything else we can think of to prove that we were, indeed, working. Home workers must discipline ourselves and are constantly balanced just above the day time telly pit. What’s worse, the majority of colleagues are under the misguided impression we’ve already fallen in, so we’ll do all we can to disavow them of this belief – even if it means answering that difficult question at 17.35 or scheduling a meeting in out of hours.

  1. “You’ll be free to pick up my kids/ run errands/ walk our dog, won’t you?”

Although working from home means that you do have the freedom to be flexible with your working schedule, it doesn’t mean you can be everyone’s go to person for midday errands and chores. Interrupting your working day for a much needed doctor’s appointment or scheduling in a lunch with friends is a great pro to managing your own work life, but this only applies when you can control the time frames and plan your day accordingly.

What other people don’t understand is that, just like working in an office, you still have tasks to take care of daily, ad hoc emails hitting your inbox at all times and deadlines to meet. Having them turn up for an impromptu bru or volunteer you as the latest school chaperone just doesn’t work – regardless of where you hang your hard drive.

If you’ve got any more myths that need busting about working from home or in any less traditional working environment, get in touch with us on Facebook or Twitter and we’ll do all we can to bust them!


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