Every child is an artist, the problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up - Pablo Picasso


A Space to Create

If Pablo Picasso had posed the above conundrum­ to Atelier Garden Studios we'd all­ still­ be artists, the world over, from birth to dotage ­but, alas, we're a little late to the party - and we've some catching up to do.­

So, Pablo, the solution to your puzzle ­- get yourself an Atelier Garden Studio. Problem solved! Should we pop the kettle on?­

Okay, so you're after a little bit more than that? Read on!­


Light & Space

At Atelier Garden Studios we believe that the space and environment in which we work and create greatly affects our productivity ­and, most importantly, our creativity. As ­Pablo kindly points ­out however - as we age we tend to loose our direct line to the creative muses and instead must work to form our art and find inspiration. This also means we must pay much closer attention to where we work and what we surround ourselves with before attempting contact with our creative-genius child selves.­

So, where better to find inspiration than directly from your environment? The design, innovation and care that goes into each and every Atelier Garden Studio is only the beginning - what we're really offering is a sanctuary ­­from which you can view the world though the lens ­of your choice (and some pretty sexy folding sliding doors) and blend into nature.­

Be Inspired

At Atelier Garden Studios we strive to create innovative and inspiring garden studios. This attention to detail and design results in studios which not only function as ­beautiful spaces but also seek to ignite your passions.­

Get in touch today to discuss how an Atelier Garden Studio can help you become the best you can be.­


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