Your environment will eat your goals and plans for breakfast - Steve Pavlina


A Space to Focus

If you've already made the transition, from the crazy commute to the soul sucking office each day, to settling down at home with a cup of coffee and your slippers then Steve Pavlina's take on the forced work environment above should resinate.­

Even if you're yet to take the leap but have been thinking about going it alone, or pitching the idea of homeworking to your boss­for some time now - you're probably in agreement with Steve.­

More and more of us now work from home; it reduces congestion, commute time, stress levels and inter-office politics whilst increasing productivity and happiness - at Atelier Garden Studios it seems like a no brainer: we should all be working from home. And that has nothing to do with the fact that we produce some of Britain's best dressed­ Garden Studios - perfectly suited to the modern homeworker.­


Light & Space

You know what it's like in the office - your willpower sapped­ away by the lack of heating, or air con - dependent on the month - distractions whenever a collegue gets bored with their task and never ending ­days at your desk, even when there's nothing to do. It's no wonder then, that Britain is finally catching on to the idea of working from home.­

Mobile devices, cloud services and ever improving lap top computers make the move from head office to home as simple as ever and, now too, do Atelier Garden Studios.­

Our Garden Studios offer the perfect place to work from home in a tranquil and soundproof setting which is separated from the main house - and thus from the distractions of children, spouses, pets and chores. What's more, our garden studios are filled with light and space - helping keep you in a perfect mood whilst you beaver away in peace. Oh, and the commute homes not so bad either!

Be Inspired

At Atelier Garden Studios we strive to create innovative and inspiring garden studios. This attention to detail and design results in studios which not only function as ­beautiful spaces but also seek to ignite your passions.­

Get in touch today to discuss how an Atelier Garden Studio can help you become the best you can be.­


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