Writing about music is like dancing about architecture - Martin Mull


A Place to Play

So we won't bore you too much! If music is the soundtrack to your life then what better place to play than an Atelier Garden Studio?

­Our studios offer an inspiring and creative environment in which to unleash your inner talent - and with soundproofing as standard - ­you can hone your craft away from the local ­neighbourhood critics. Atelier Garden Studio's offer privacy, space and the perfect play to play!­


Light & Space

Jimi Hendrix famously referred to music as his religion - and we can't help but wonder if he knew Atelier Garden Studios would soon be around to offer,­not only the perfect place to play, but also the perfect place to pray.­

If music is your religion, then think of your Atelier Garden Studio as it's shrine. With light flooding in through bifold or sliding doors, glass walls­ and optional­ ventilation;­ majestic panoramic ­views from inside to out and the­ true marriage of nature and craftsmanship ­through ­the beautiful natural silvering of our cedar cladding - we can't think of a better place to worship, compose and create.­

Be Inspired

At Atelier Garden Studios we strive to create innovative and inspiring garden studios. This attention to detail and design results in studios which not only function as ­beautiful spaces but also seek to ignite your passions.­

Get in touch today to discuss how an Atelier Garden Studio can help you become the best you can be.­


We’re always available to help, so if you have any ideas or queries, why not discuss them with a member of our team today?


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