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Q. Are base works included? 

A. An insulated cavity wall is necessary for use as a base on which to install your garden studio which you can find more information on here. All base works are the responsibility of the client and must be in place prior to the agreed installation date, in order to ensure everything goes smoothly. 

Q. Will I need planning permission?

A. Usually not, planning permission regulations were relaxed back in October 2008, which means that by complying with a standard set of rules, the tedious business of gaining planning permission can be avoided - even if you live in a conservation area. You can find out more here, visit the government Planning Portal website, or call us on 0161 342 8206 for a quick chat.

Q. Will my garden studio need to comply with building regulations?

A. The majority of our Garden Studios are exempt from building regulations. However, if your individual needs take us outside these regulations modifications can be made to avoid issue with building regulations. 

Q. Can I Visit Your Showroom?

A. Sure! We have modern facilities just outside of Manchester city centre where you can visit our show room and tour the factory. Find out more here

Q. How long does the overall process take?

A. The time between order and installation depends upon your chosen garden studio, the area you live in and a few other factors but we aim to turn your order around as quickly as possible in every instance. You can find out more about the Atelier Garden Studio's process in general here.

Q. Who will install my garden studio?

A. Atelier's specially trained, professional and highly experienced installation team will carry out the installation process for you in a safe, efficient manner with minimum disruption. So long as you have your base in place we can install your studio in just one day and hand over the keys for you to move in. 

Q. How much is the return on investment?

A. The installation of an Atelier Garden Studio will add significantly to the value of your property. You can expect to recuperate the majority of your costs (up to 80%!) through the increased value of your host property.

Q. How long is the warranty period? 

A. We offer a full 10 year warranty on all of our customisable garden studios. Our studios are built using only the highest quality materials which will stand the test of time - they are durable and ready to withstand a lifetime of hard knocks. 

Q. What areas do you cover?

A. We offer a completely nationwide service here in the UK; from north to south, everywhere in between and can even provide for surrounding islands such as The Isle of Man or Jersey. 

Q. Can I use my studio in any season?

A. Atelier Garden Studios are built using only the most innovative technology available; offering thermal insulation which is unrivaled by most homes. Our thermal break technology means that the natural thermal efficiency of aluminium can be utilised to it's full extent and specialist glasses offer more options for keeping your studio warm in winter, and cool in summer. 

Q. Will my studio be soundproof? 

A. Absolutely! Our studios are fully soundproofed to a high standard and thus open themselves up to many creative uses, or simply allow for concentration and relaxation at all times. 




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