Somewhere calm, peaceful, light, airy and spacious where your creativity can be unleashed to its full potential.


Luxury Spaces

The combination of natural light, sound and thermal insulation of Atelier Garden Studios results ­in an ambience unlike any other. Tranquil and relaxing the space is luxurious to relax in but practical enough for a home office.­

The overall space offers a sense of fluidity and tranquillity with highly glazed surfaces opening up interior spaces to the landscape and minimizing the intrusion on nature.

Precision Design

We use only the highest quality materials, and precision engineering, to manufacture our Atelier garden studios - resulting in magnificent structures fit to stand the test of time.

Proud of our long lineage and innovative forefathers we strive to maintain their attention to detail and constant push towards new and­ exciting ideas. With this in mind all of our garden studios are checked at each stage of manufacture - you're more than welcome to come and check your own at our Manchester based factory whenever you fancy!


Expand your outlook

Atelier Garden Studios offer a place to make your own and invite your creative juices round for tea and cake.­

The atmosphere, beauty and natural morphing of our studios results in the perfect place to expand your outlook, clear your mind and let your inspirations flow.­


The Perfect Space For All Purposes

Fit for the most demanding of purposes it is also the ideal environment for keep fit, sound recording, media room, therapy room, home office, home spa and just about any function you need a space for.

Atelier is about you - it's where you do your thing. Exercise, make music, play games, watch the match and with this in mind the interior is resistant to a lifetime of hard knocks.

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