With our cladding, panelling, glass and colour options, you can customise and configure a truly unique design.


Optional Extras

Cedar Cladding

Our sustainably sourced cedar cladding can soften the edges of your Atelier and allow it to blend in with nature. As the cedar silvers beautifully over time, it can add a unique character to your studio, but if you prefer the 'just felled' look you can maintain this by oiling your cladding regularly.

On top of its instant visual appeal, the cedar is also naturally resistant to damp and adds an extra layer of insulation.

Aluminium Sandwich Panels

If you want your garden studio to come with extra privacy and more shade, you can get this without compromising on design or placement by incorporating aluminium sandwich panels. As this will minimise glare, it’s also an excellent option for those who work from home or want to have a screen in their studio.

What's more, you can mix and match colour options & textures for your sandwich panelling along with your aluminium framework.

Polycarbonate Panelling

Polycarbonate panelling provides privacy and glare prevention as well as a fantastic back drop for your garden studio. Currently offered in a small range of colours - all of which come in gloss – these panels combine function with design to add style and shade.

These panels are entirely bespoke, so please get in touch today if you’d like more information.

Colour Options

We have a wide range of colour options available to customise every component of your studio, from the aluminium framework to any of our panelling options. All colours are offered in either ­textured or smooth finishes and can be mixed and matched in any way you like.

Visit our Colour Options page to find out more and view high resolution samples.


Glazing Options

We also offer a variety of glazing options; from self-cleaning to switch glass, whatever you need we'll have a glass type to solve the problem. We're particular fans of Solar Control to keep your studio warm in winter and cool in summer.

Visit our Glass Types page to found our more and make your choice crystal clear.



As standard all of our studios come without ventalation - with the exception of small trickle vents which allow fresh air to circulate in your studio - however you may wish to add further ventalation to your studio. If this is the case we now offer cutting edge Parallel Hinge Ventalation which can be incorporated into the design of all our studios. 


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