Our team of technical experts and product developers have hand selected only the finest materials and finishes available to create our luxury garden studios.



Aluminium is not only strong, lightweight and highly durable, making it the ideal material for use in construction – it is also endlessly recyclable and therefore one of the greenest construction products available. ­Furthermore, it creates the sharpest lines and gives a sleek, modern finish to our range of Atelier Garden Studios.­­

Aluminium is a very good conductor of heat, and as such, requires a thermal break. Polyamide­ strips isolate the internal aluminium extrusion from the external extrusion thus restricting the amount of thermal transmittance through the frame. Combined with professional installation to ensure weather tightness, our system fully complies with all current building regulations for energy efficiency.

The Atelier ­system has been analysed using methods as defined in BS EN ISO10077-2 2003 to give an overall window U-value of 1.59W/m2K when glazed in a suitably specified insulated glass unit.

Aluminium Sandwich Panelling

Aluminium Sandwich Panels are available for extra privacy and shade. This is a great option for those working from home in order to minimise glare. What's more, you can mix and match your colour options for your sandwich panelling along with your framework.­


Specialist Glazing

Glazing has seen many innovations in the past decade and we can now offer a range of specialist­glasses to suit your personal needs; from self-cleaning to switch glass, our extensive range offers something for everyone.­ Our centre panes offer a U-Value of 1.1 which exceeds industry standards.

All structures are designed to meet the requirements of BS6262 and Approved Document Part N – Glazing Safety in Relation to Impact, Opening and Cleaning. And where appropriate BS6206:1981, Safety Glass for Use in Buildings. As a minimum Atelier employs superior double glazing technology in order to achieve and better the 2013 revised Document L regulations of centre­pane U-value better than 1.2 W/m2K. In addition to that we offer a range of glazing to cater for most requirements.



Polyester Powder Coating

All Atelier Garden Studios ­are finished using a polyester powder coating, which provides a consistent, long lasting finish ­which is relatively maintenance free.

Polyester powder coating is a superior surface colour treatment. Coatings are based on polyester resin which is cured at high temperature to form a smooth durable surface. The thickness of the Atelier coating is between 40 and 80 microns and adhesion is ensured by strict adherence to pre-treatment regimes in respect of cleaning and etch priming in particular. Atelier offers an extensive range of colours (RALs) in both textured and smooth finishes. We can however deviate should you have a specific colour palette in mind - provided your choice is stable and appropriate for outdoor use.­



Cedar Cladding

Our optional Western Red Cedar cladding is exclusively felled from sustainable FSC accredited forests. This durable timber requires no treatment and has an expected service life of 40 to 60 years. The timber does not need treating, and will silver over time; blending with its environment and adding character to the design, but it can be oiled to preserve its natural colour should you prefer this aesthetic.­



Laminate Panels

Consisting of multiple layers of polycarbonate or polycarbonate/acrylic sheets, our polycarbonate panels are protected on the surface by a ­hard-coat technological laminate, assuring long-lasting surface clarity, resistance to chemical attack, abrasion resistance, and yellowing.


Structural Calculations

All installations are subjected to finite element analysis in accordance with BS8118 Prt1 Structural Use of Aluminium and BS6399 Part 1,2 & 3 Code of Practise for Dead, Imposed & Wind Loads. These can be submitted to building regulations to satisfy Approved Document Part A.


Ancillary Items

Building Works

All associated base works are to be carried out by others. Please ensure an insulated cavity wall is prepared in readiness for installation.


Your electrician will be responsible for bringing the mains feed to the required location and subsequently for making the connection into the consumer unit and the 2nd­fix electrics.

Delivery & Installation

Delivery of the materials to site will coincide with the commencement of the installation. This will minimise the risk of damage to the materials and ensure that from your point of view the process is as seamless as possible

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